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The Power of Image


Tania Sterl

Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Speaker, Fashion Expert


Alyssa Peek

Personal Branding Photographer for Women Over 40, Confidence and Presence Coach, Speaker, Artist, WBE Certified

Workshop Goals and Objectives

Learn the importance of investing in your image as a key marketing tool to stand out as an expert in your industry and advance your career.

Expected Outcomes

  • Define a unique signature style that conveys a strong personal brand that ensures you are seen as a leader
  • Master the use of color to amplify your overall appearance
  • Embody confidence, presence and charisma in front of the camera, on stage, and walking into the room
  • Learn how and where to use your photos beyond just LinkedIn to gain more exposure
  • Put it all together for a consistently powerful and polished image both online and in-person


Discover the Power of Image and how to use it in person and on-line to achieve your personal and professional goals. From the clothes you wear to the energy your profile picture conveys, these subliminal messages are the secret to success.



WINGS Leadership Coach

Tania Sterl, is an Image Coach, Personal Stylist, Speaker, and published writer. Tania combines her 18 years’ experience as a fashion designer with her image consultant certification helping women create a signature style that expresses their unique personal brands. From her personal styling services, dressing women for TV and photo-shoots, workshops and seminars, Tania helps women elevate their image to stand out and be seen as the industry leaders they truly are.


WINGS Leadership Coach

After a 20 plus year career in the fashion industry working in women's apparel production and product development, Alyssa Peek turned her eye to photography for women over 40. Her work as a personal branding and head-shot photographer includes hands-on guidance on how to pose along with presence and confidence coaching. Her clients walk away with concrete evidence of their beauty and strength reflected in images they are proud to share.

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