The WINGS for Growth mentoring program will run for 10 months, during which period the program will be monitored by the governing board. WINGS for Growth Mentoring Program will continuously improve and evolve to reflect current business trends and as the program evolves. In some cases, the program length could vary depending on the mentee’s objectives and goals.

The Mentees have to satisfy the WINGS for Growth criteria and answer a detailed questionnaire on their objectives and goals. The Mentee’s response on the questionnaire will be evaluated and scored on a weighted scoring model; and successful candidates will be selected for the program.

Mentoring can take on different forms. Traditional mentoring involves a one-on-one relationship between an experienced mentor and his/her mentee, while non-traditional mentoring can take on a variety of forms such as a network of multiple mentors. Depending on the Mentee’s objectives and goals, the mentee could either be matched one-on-one or one-to-many mentor relationship

Committee leads: A 5-6 hour commiment per week is proposed

Committee members: A 3-4 hour commiment per week is proposed

Mentors: 2 hours biweekly is proposed and as well as in person meetings on an as needed basis

Advisors: 5-6 hours a month is proposed. There will be a board meeting once a month for which advisors are required to attend. Initially time commitment for advisors could be up to 3 hours a week

A Champion will be assigned to each mentee upon selection. The Champion will be one of the core team members and is accountable for success of the engagement. They have authority to make changes to the team including mentee. They will bring other mentors as needed to closely work with the primary mentor. They present progress report to the executive board. They manage the risk of the engagement and all financials for this engagement. Champions will be making decisions on any early dismissal of this engagement is not fruitful and there is no opportunity to sustain. They will obtain board’s permission before dismissal. This relationship will not be monitored by WINGS past the engagement period.

We are industry/company agnostic, which makes us more holistic in our approach to mentoring that focuses on leadership skills instead of job promotions, internal mobility, internal corporate culture, etc. Our independent view to mentoring is very appealing to our mentees.

In-house initiatives for women are often about corporate level messaging and less about measuring and communicating individual outcome. In our experience, we often felt these programs lacked senior sponsorship in the true sense. Senior people were involved and may be compensated for such programs, but their individual performance did not depend on the success of such programs.

In smaller organizations, these programs are often run by junior HR employee who is not empowered enough and lacks leadership in this space. WINGS has little to gain by not being held fully accountable for our program. Our success is the success of our mentees. We want to grow and mold young women leaders from the ground up to be a sought after the leader. That will indeed mark the success for us, and that is what we strive for. Our program runs for ten long months. Mentoring is not about spot treatment of a problem. Our mentors are committed to be career guide to our mentees.

Our focus is young career women who have been in the workforce for over 6 years. They had a great start after that completed school. Companies usually put lot of focus on leadership development of new young joiners, senior executives also get lot of coaching. But companies often fail to focus on middle management where lot high potential needs to be explored and nurtured for better succession leadership plan.

Our approach to mentoring and razor focus on developing individual talent makes us distinct and overtime our success will speak to “Why WINGS?”. Our mentors are accomplished senior men and women from different industries and background.

Our outcomes based methodology ensures evolution and success.

WINGS is a platform which caters to many different aspects of developing leadership such as recruitment of mentors and mentees, pairing of mentors to a mentee after careful assessment, workshops, training, governance of programs, networking, discussion groups, collaborative learning, etc., Typically, these services are charged a very high fee while WINGS mentees pay a nominal fee which ensures their commitment to program and their own development.

We hope to pick up where companies have stopped being effective to promote women leadership. Not all companies have such programs, large companies do but mid-size to small companies don’t and they need this kind of outside help. We will try to build alliance with them as appropriate.

There is no “one size fits all ” when it comes to corporate clients. It will be customized to their needs, goals, and objectives.

Success of the program is tracked in many ways:

1. Monthly progress recorded on each mentee’s development plan.
2. Mentor and mentee surveys at the end of the program.
3. Quarterly check-ins with all participants.
4. External review report by partnering organization.
5. Project work done by mentee in demonstration of their learning.

The fee is subsidized for mentees at $8000.

The pairing process is based on WINGS methodology and leadership model and takes many variables into account. WINGS executive team performs the pairing process.

They can, however they will lose their spot and there will be no refunds.

Our mentors sign a contract to stay committed to the program for the entire ten months. In case of unforeseeable circumstances that change mentor’s availability, one of the WINGS executive team as a champion will step in to fulfill that obligation.