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Brian Rogers

Interview Skills Training, Communication Training, Expert in US-Style Business Presentations, Author

Workshop Goals and Objectives

To help students become more in tune with body language.

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of communication
  • Understand how body language effects how others perceive us
  • Understand how to project the right body language for the right circumstance
  • Understand how to read other people’s body language


Much of modern business is carried out during face-to-face meetings. Learning to be more aware of the body language we are presenting as well as reading the body language of others can be a subtle but formidable way to establish presence. This class is designed to help the student understand how their own body language is influencing the behavior of others and helps establish your individual presence. We will also discuss how to read the body language of other people using a top-down approach from head to toe. Additional time and focus will be spent on reading eyes and the mirroring technique. The goal is to help the student become much more confident about how they are using their own body language effectively and how they can read the body language of others.



WINGS Leadership Coach

Brian Rogers is one of the world's leading communication training experts. He specializes in helping executives refine their presence to deliver powerful public speeches and sales teams deliver amazing pitches.

He also works with professionals on improving their interview skills and has written a book on the subject called The 3x3 Interview Prep Method, available on

He currently teaches classes at NYU and Fordham that focus on business communication, intercultural communication, leading global organizations and managing in the global economy.

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