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Tara Conti Bansal

Life Coach & Financial Planner at Positive Impact Consulting, LLC

Workshop Goals and Objectives

To help participants understand and deal with the Four Tendencies and identify their own Tendencies.

Expected Outcomes

  • Identify the Four Tendencies and their patterns, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Be able to identify the Tendency of a co-worker, boss, friend, significant other
  • Be able to persuade or encourage someone effectively according to their Tendency
  • Recognize that people have different perspectives, and that different methods work for different people


The Four Tendencies is a framework created by Gretchen Rubin that shows how you respond to expectations. There are internal or inner expectations (things you decide and expect for yourself) and external or outer expectations that come from other people. This interactive workshop will share this concept and resources to help the attendees know and understand themselves and those around them better. If you know and understand how you and others respond to expectations, you can then use this information to create systems to help yourself and others achieve what you want.


Tara Conti Bansal

WINGS Leadership Coach

Tara Conti Bansal, CFP® is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams. She takes an all-inclusive approach to working with clients. What is most important to Tara is helping others get clear on their priorities, set realistic goals, and then achieve what they truly want in life.

Tara owns Positive Impact Consulting, LLC ( and has been working as a life coach and financial planner since 2005. Tara is a certified life coach from the NLP and Coaching Institute of California.

Tara’s diverse background allows her to serve her clients in a unique way. Her analysis and problem-solving skills learned from her chemical engineering degrees and financial education, the emotional and goal-oriented focus from life coaching, and her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ knowledge all come together to focus on helping her clients achieve their short and long term goals. Tara is invested in having clients live a fulfilling life knowing that they are on course with their overall life plan.

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