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Mark Wuttke

CEO, President, COO, Babor Cosmetics


Varsha Waishampayan

CEO and Founder, WINGS for Growth


Minimum 15 years of management experience

Workshop Goals and Objectives

Equip mentors with best practices, tools, templates and art of dealing with special situations and circumstances with their mentees.

Expected Outcomes

  • Let WINGS Coach guide to about Mentoring best practices
  • Access to Mentoring resources, tool and templates
  • Be able to discuss your mentees' specific needs in a safe and secure environment
  • Learn how to effectively measure your success as a mentor
  • Developing a holistic approach to mentoring
  • Learn how to mentor a mentee from different background or gender


As per Harvard Business Review, two-thirds of 57 women CEOs said they didn’t realize they could be CEO until someone else told them. The recognition by a boss or mentor was key to sparking long-term ambition in many of the women. It helps in building confidence and courage to drive mentee’s career who might be feeling stuck.

You are not a leader if you are not developing leaders, mentoring is a great way to develop more leaders. People development must be a priority for all managers. Their ability to grow their team members should be part of their yearly performance review. This can be easily enforced by instituting a structured mentoring program.

This workshop will equip attendees with mentoring best practices, available resources, ability to understand the unique situation of your mentee and be able to handle them. Varsha and Mark both are mentor and coach themselves and bring years of corporate experiences. They both come from two very different industries which will help understand cross-industry scenarios for mentors and mentees. Our attendees are senior executives themselves from different industries. Learning from each other’s experience in a session guided by experts is the best way to learn.



WINGS Leadership Coach

Globally active, Mark has drawn upon his extensive experience to become a highly sought-after authority on universally significant topics such as healthy wellness, regenerative sustainability, authentic green, and conscious leadership. Marks vision, combined with his no-nonsense, entertaining and straightforward style has provided him the opportunity to work, speak, coach, and train, in over twenty countries, on five continents.

Mark is President & COO of BABOR Americas; Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Coach, and Trainer: founding Alumni Advisory Board member of the Global Wellness Summit; founding Beauty Initiative Chair of the Global Wellness Institute; and industry leadership speaker at Cornell University.


WINGS Founder and CEO

Varsha has almost three decades of management experience on Wall Street. During her career, Varsha has built large global teams from the grounds up, led complex problem-solving opportunities, and developed meaningful relationships in fortune 500 companies as well as in large nonprofit organizations. Varsha has worked with several C-level executives in her management-consulting career at PwC. She knows knowledge, authenticity, and insight is what matters in almost every business and she has learned and practiced that all her life. Her strong operational background helps her to stay focused on execution and delivery. Before stepping into financial services, Varsha was a professor of Chemistry in her previous life. She taught graduate level courses. She is a teacher at heart and has seen her father changing people’s life from good to great by being a teacher all his life.

This led to a discovery and then new beginning of her purposeful journey. Varsha left her long successful career in corporate America and founded WINGS for Growth to pursue her father’s vision in a purposeful journey.

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