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Fill out the survey below to indicate areas of interest to be in our circles of collaboration! We promise you that you will learn new skills or beef up your existing ones. At WINGS we respect your flexibility we assure you will engage with the best of minds out there and most importantly learn from them. All roles and efforts are virtual unless in cases of specific event planning.
A few points to consider before filling out the survey:
1. WINGS is an organization that promotes learning. Our mentees are not the only people who are learning; all our volunteers are encouraged to sign up for what they do the best but also given an opportunity to work on something they would like to develop by working with one of our senior advisors and circle leaders
2. We often put a spotlight on volunteers who have accomplished something that is relevant to them and also important to us.
3. Teamwork is vital at WINGS. We promote diversity of thoughts and ideas. All hands are on deck for important events.
4. Deadlines are crucial to us, our clients (WINGS mentees) success in the program depends on our volunteers' commitments and professionalism for the most part.
5. Communication is always on top of our minds. We celebrate our success together, and in tough times we come together even stronger. Accountability is critical, but no one has to do it alone
6. Our volunteers treat WINGS work very professionally as they would on their paid job except do it with passion and love

We are grateful for your presence and interest!