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What does it take to be WINGS' Mentor?

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What does it take to be WINGS Mentor?

While participation as a Mentor in WINGS is voluntary, we are looking for committed and passionate women and men who are willing to enthusiastically support the development of women who are aspiring to be leaders. Our Mentors meet the following criteria to participate in the program:

  • Program Requirements:
    • Committed to following WINGS Signature Program and supporting activities for ten months.
    • Keep any information that mentee tells her mentor as confidential except if it may cause him or others harm.
    • Be prepared to suggest activities, books, blogs, research, Ted Talks to your mentee to help her internalize skills required and practice them every day. 
    • Mentoring is two-way learning. Be prepared to write your own logs of what is working and what is not working. 
    • Access to a diverse network and willingness to make connections for mentee as appropriate.
    • Sincere desire to build a constructive and positive relationship between you as a Mentor and your Mentee.
    • Sensitivity to women from diverse backgrounds, compassion and understanding.
    • Should be able to draw examples from his or her own experience as a leader. 
    • Invest in mentee’s development by learning more about their background, strengths, and objectives.
    • Willing to guide the mentee to adhere to the program requirements and ensure that they are focused on completing program activities.
    • Sign WINGS for Growth policy to be accepted as a mentor.
    • Support WINGS mission and long-term plans in any way you can
    • Complete end of the program survey
  • Time Commitment:
    • Able to commit to the full 10-month mentoring relationship.
    • Meet with your potential mentee to assess the fit.
    • Willing to commit 5-6 hours per month on an average for ten months. Mentors are required to meet with their mentees biweekly.
    • Meet with your mentee, champion, and Master Mentor once in two months to do a status check. This meeting takes place virtually.
    • Attend WINGS Cohort kick-off for 90 minutes.
    • Attend "Mentor's Guide and Best practices" session for 90 minutes
    • Attend Graduation after ten months
    • Attend Kick-off and other connectivity events with your paired mentees.