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What does it take to be WINGS' Mentee?

WINGS' Mentee Application Form

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What does it take to be a WINGS Mentee?

WINGS is looking for committed and passionate women who know how important it is to learn from mentors during their career journey. They are committed to their own development and show this dedication throughout this program.

  • Motivated to focus on self-development
  • Able to commit to the full 10-month relationship, minimum 2 hours per week.
  • Able to attend mandatory workshops and events.
  • Acknowledge that lack of participation in the program activities may result in the dismissal from the program
  • Commit to working on a mandatory non-profit project approved by WINGS team
  • Own the development and execution of a robust development plan and supporting activities.
  • Agree to participate in self-assessments as required by WINGS curriculum
  • Willing to participate in all surveys to provide feedback so that program can continue to evolve