3 Things to Do for Daily Inspiration

It’s me again; the person who finds inspiration in the most unlikely places – or should I say many, very likely places – – that is to say, almost everywhere! When you look around and take a minute to think about the people that most inspire you, it becomes clear that these people come in many forms; your neighbor, your teacher from school, a mother or father, your sister or brother, someone from work, an author, someone famous, someone you have known your entire life, and sometimes someone you have just met.

From each of them, you learn important life lessons. Some lessons can be used at work, some at home, and sometimes they can be used everywhere. In my last blog I mentioned that my father gave me good advice – “There’s never a bad time to do something good”. I look up to my father because he not only gives me good advice, but he lives his life following his own good advice. This has had a big impact on me. As a leader, he leads by example – something I now aspire to do.

Another person I look up to is the CEO of Mastercard, Ajay Banga. He invests a lot of time uplifting people that strive to be successful. He also has the ability to gain the trust of people that work for him. I find these qualities very appealing in a leader and try to do the same whenever I can.

Mathangi Srinivas, another friend of mine, looks up to Ginni Rometty of IBM. In addition to handling pressure with poise, her innovative thinking has lead IBM to explore new product offerings not previously considered. She believes, and has proven, that if you work hard and apply yourself, success is very much a reality for all of us. Again, this is an idea that I too believe and aspire to model.

Nelson Mandela was a great leader and someone who inspires another friend, Bob Eng. Mr. Mandela was so determined that even under the most difficult conditions (imprisonment), he lead a movement to turn back a white minority rule system in South Africa, then went on to become the first black President of the country. His tenacity, persistence, and continuance against all odds are also qualities that inspire me too.

Recognizing a great leader means that you must open your eyes and your heart to those around you. When you find a great leader, talk to them. Thank them and let them know how they affected you. Not only will you gain an inspiring relationship, but you will touch their lives with your gratitude. If possible, follow their journey and continue to learn from them.

As I move through my professional life and my personal life, I happen upon people who influence my thinking and motivate me. I have collected and continue to collect qualities and behaviors that inspire me, and from this I have created my own leadership style which I believe helps and inspires others. How do I stay inspired every day? Three simple ways

Look for leaders that inspire you. A leader does not have to be someone super senior, they could be someone that is around you every day.
Recognize your leaders by speaking with them/writing to them. If possible, form a relationship with them – however close or distant it might be.
Follow your leaders and get inspired every day by their activities.

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