WINGS Mentoring Program Highlights

Mentoring is a learning partnership, a journey of collective discovery that supports a personal and professional development strategy. An experienced senior professional – the mentor, guides and supports a less experienced individual – the mentee, to achieve agreed goals and objectives.

  • Measurable 10 month structured mentoring program
  • Proprietary Framework built using real life experience of our leaders and advisors
  • Rigorous 4-step mentee selection process
  • Mentors who share WINGS’ values and are committed to mentee’s growth
  • Skills-based trainings, workshops, and connectivity events
  • Dedicated program management support
  • Opportunity to work on a sponsored project to practice leadership
  • Personalized manual pairing of mentor and mentees
  • Fee-based enrollment for mentees to ensure commitment
  • Additional support provided by Champions to mentee-mentor relationships
Mentoring Program

What makes us #1 choice for talented women who are aspiring to be leaders?

  • We are a nonprofit that attracts senior established industry leaders on a mission to pay-it-forward.
  • Our program attracts top talent and offers independent viewpoints.
  • Our own methodology assures measurable outcomes.
  • We focus on leadership development for early career women i.e. women who have been in the workforce, 6-7 years after an undergraduate degree, or 2-3 years after a graduate degree, millennials, women in middle management.
  • Our mentees have opportunities to work with other nonprofits in a leadership role for broader social impact.
  • Our mentors are across a variety of sectors and industries while our program is industry and company agnostic.

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves-Steven Spielberg

Our focus on Millennial Leadership

  • Millennial women leaders are idealistic, focused on making a meaningful contribution, socially-conscious, and unafraid of risk. Given their preference for collaborative cultures, 53% of them define leadership as “empowering others to succeed”.
  • At WINGS, our mentors focus on providing that special care and attention to the needs of millennial and balancing that with traditional Gen X mindset.
  • Millennials often choose nonprofits as their career choice these days. Our focus on “Transformational Leadership” style will ensure good work gets done, and leadership is guided well for bigger social impact in these nonprofits.

Engagement Model

  • Mentee – Owns the development plan and its execution. Mentee is supported by many different roles
  • Champion – Engagement manager and secondary mentor if required
  • Mentor – Provides primary mentoring
  • Coach (Optional) – Provides coaching on specific areas identified by mentor and mentee (As required)
  • Role model (Optional) – A role model is someone who the mentee looks up to and follows as a leader (As required)
  • Sponsor (Optional) – Sponsor has the best interest of mentee’s professional growth (As required)
  • Steering committee – Provides senior level oversight to the program
  • Project Team – This team helps administer all facets of the program
  • Program Director – Program director provides program oversight

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